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Originally Posted by bolc5150 View Post
Go get em big guy.....Looks like youre on the right track. I wish I had started my business when I was younger, but it is what it is.. Looks like you do a good job, keep it up.
A piece of advice, everyone has them...Website. Last year was my 2nd year with mine and my business DOUBLED... Very inexpensive to maintain and to have professionally done. Good luck man, and stay the course of making an honest living and doing a good job.
Thanks bolc5150, I am fortunate I started younger. Needed a way to pay for stuff didn't get a whole lot of handouts growing up lol, no regrets at all though.

Anyways I agree about the website I need to allocate some more funds for it this year and get it looking nicer. That's where everyone goes to check you out when you advertise. My fb page is a little nicer, easier for me personally to do and keep up with, and surprisingly has gotten me some decent outreach.
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