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I don't have a problem with someone doing this to make a living , in some economy's its tough to get another job and I commend people for trying to work , after all if the new guy is priced to low thats there problem , the work is the same so if they do not price the accounts properly they will eather learn or fail. Yea it sucks to hear from a customer we found someone cheaper , but honestly every time that has happened to me the next year they are looking for some one else or calling back mid season cause they guy can't take the heat , got hurt , etc and after this usually makes a customer more loyal. There is a place and need for each sized business in the whole spectrum. The people that use the LOW BALLERS as they are called are not the type of customers a larger company wants anyhow. Plus I think the low baller , ureliable types make every one else look good. just my opinion. I say go for it , but the one thing that bothers me is the people doing things without the correct licenses , what is fair is fair and all should be held accountable , if you are new to the industry and all you have is a business license do not offer fertilizer apps etc , everyone should pay there dues in this area , and this is the part that I think needs improvement. I don't care if a guys wants to start a lawn care business but you need to do things the right way , and this is more on our code enforcement etc than on anyone. After all they get enough o our money in taxes etc. anyhow they should be able to make shure people are legit when doing business. I am not saying if you catch someone who doesent have the correct license they should be shot , just make shure they are required to get the correct license. That way the playing field is level , My issue is with city and state. Just my opinion though. What I am trying to say out of all this rambling is start your business but do it right , pay your dues , then everything else will play out.
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