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Originally Posted by Vanderhoff Landscaping View Post
I agree with what you say Thorton! Unfortunately the cheapskates don't seem to care who cuts their grass. Licensed, insured or not. That's part of the problem too.
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Yes I agree , these people are the fuel for the fire , they are the ones that create that ability for these people , but I do not believe these people are the types of customers a business would want I mean after all there will always be someone that will do it cheaper. Look at auto mechanics , there are tons of them , but the good ones charge alot and still have plenty of business , you can never replace quality in my opinion. example just last week got a call from customer , had a subcontractor guy working with me last year , he was trying to do his own thing but can not seem to make his business work. he has poor quality and is not reliable, I told him mid last year he was done , he was snooping in my customer info , customer told me he stopped by last week I charge $120 cut its a decent lawn , he stops by with some other guy he is working with now and gives her this big speal and says he will do it for $100 , lol she said no , why??? because she knows that what people say and do is two different things. I am shure he is doing this to some of my other accounts so what , anyone that takes him will be calling me back mid year and I will raise there price to take them back. People who want quality will pay a resonable price , let the vulchers have the road kill.
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