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this looks like a nice mower. i still think most companies miss the small details. the normal lawn professional uses the mower with the rops down 95-100% of the time. with that being said the rops on this one is too far out when folded down much like a hustler, exmark, and others. the only companies that have gotten this right so far are john deere and scag on the cheetah. look at those mowers how the rops is tucked in nicely and when lowered is below the height of the seat. you wouldn't think that would be a big deal but when mowing under low hanging tree limbs, around guide wires, and such it really comes into play. the kind on this mower which is on alot of brands would easily get caught on the limbs or wires even when folded down. it's just such a simple fix i don't see why more companies aren't doing it.
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