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Originally Posted by JasonsLawnCare1 View Post
this looks like a nice mower. i still think most companies miss the small details. the normal lawn professional uses the mower with the rops down 95-100% of the time. with that being said the rops on this one is too far out when folded down much like a hustler, exmark, and others. the only companies that have gotten this right so far are john deere and scag on the cheetah. look at those mowers how the rops is tucked in nicely and when lowered is below the height of the seat. you wouldn't think that would be a big deal but when mowing under low hanging tree limbs, around guide wires, and such it really comes into play. the kind on this mower which is on alot of brands would easily get caught on the limbs or wires even when folded down. it's just such a simple fix i don't see why more companies aren't doing it.
I've got a 460 which was my first mower to include the ROPS. Ran it for about two weeks and looked everything over pretty close. I wanted to make it work. Guys that have never run one before without ROPS are probably better off than us long-in-the tooth LCOs. I know they serve their purpose and I'd run one in a heartbeat if it didn't hinder operation under low obstacles. I'm as lazy as the next guy and never stop to reraise the ROPS after lowering for clearance. That being said, when in the lowered position it never caused an issue in the rear of the machine and I actually liked the idea of it being back their acting as a higher bumper to guard the engine. I've seen the models you mentioned and they do have a nice clean stowing placement. But what good does it do in the down position anyway? Might as well not be on the machine if this is the position it's in all the time. So to me the down/stow position is a mute point.

On my 460 the ROPS are lower or the same height as my seat back when in the down position. The big negative I found is the width factor, more than the height, when folded. I would catch branches even though it's at or below seat height, that I hadn't had to worry about before because of width. It's like have a seat back as wide as the total machine width almost. All the brands I've looked at are as wide so I don't believe this is specific to Gravely. Off the record, if it's going to be down all the time take it off and save the weight and the room IMO (do not attempt this at home, only a professionally trained stunt person should consider doing this under strict supervision).

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