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Originally Posted by stihljixxer View Post
I'm from Pa doing a job in lawrenceville this spring. Im a long time lurker of the site and was hoping for some direct answers or advice. I don't usually travel that far but it's a descent job and good friends of my best customer close to me. Had a few questions as where to dump fill dirt or potentially just sub out the digging all together. The customer is getting a paver driveway so access is good. Any help would be much appreciated thanks guys.
Well call places that sometimes pay you for fill first!

But if your hauling yourself, Britton industries is on bakers basin rd, probably no more than 4 miles from anywhere in lawrenceville off rt1 north side... but i know from last year, they charge by the yard... when the suddenly hit us for $80 to drop off 300lbs worth of unchipped branches, i have not dropped off anything else since. Call them though, they may not charge for clean fill dirt though. They're a huge mulch dealer in central/south jersey.
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