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Hustler SuperZ vs John Deere Z series

Iv browsed the site for a long time now but I finally signed up today... Im needing a new mower this year and i need some help, iv had dixie choppers for years and they have been great but there all getting some age and wear so a new mower is needed in a bad kind of way. i demoed a 31hp 60" hustler super z last year when i had a mower down and i was beyond impressed, it was night and day difference from what i had been use to, i actually enjoyed mowing again! With that being said, i really like the looks of the new deeres. i plan on demoing one asap but they have so many different models i don't know where to start. My requirements are a 60" deck and at least 30hp but then not so much hp the fuel usage is terrible. From looking on JD's site im thinking the z960r is what i would want but the biggest the local dealer has is the z950r's. so before i keep rambling what is everyone's opinion? i want the best of the best in a 60" mower and its really going to be hard to top the hustler but i want to try a deere... EFI is also something in consideration but im not sure if the superZ had efi available? and with the deere its the M i think but i dont want to sacrifice productivity for a little fuel savings so im just lost right now on what to buy with so many combos out there! Thanks guys

And i have searched and read, im about to go back to reading more while i wait for replies on this im just wanting opinions on my exact situation...
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