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if i were gonna get a 60" i would get a scag cheetah. It comes with a 61" velocity plus deck.

the deeres are good too but they will not go as fast as a super z or a cheetah. Most times cutting you will not use or need that extra speed though so basically all it is for is transport speed.

the super z is nice but some people have had cut quality issues with them. It depends how high you cut the grass and what conditions etc. the hydros/pumps on the super z will outlast any other brand because they are industrial grade.

the reason i would pick a cheetah over the deere is it's 61" instead of 60", it holds 15 gallons of gas compared to 11.5 gallons, and you might as well have the speed there if you ever need it. that doesn't mean the deere is a bad choice by any means. i'm very happy with mine. Using the oregon G6 blades makes the cut even better and puts less drag on the engine.

i chose my deere because a 54" deck is bigger than a 52" deck, it holds 11.5 gallons compared to 7-8 on the scag wildcat or tiger cat.

if the super z cuts fine for you then it would probably be the one to buy. you just here of cut quality issues with them but you never hear of bad cut quality issues with a deere or a scag.

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