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One other possible problem could be the gasket between the carburetor and the intake might be sucking air, which would explain why it runs strong on full choke, either way if the carburetor has come off there's a good chance a new gasket is in order... And if your engine has a spacer there might be two gaskets, but hopefully it's just one.

We do want to at least try and eliminate all possibles before spending $50 to $80 on a new carburetor.

For sure, if you order up a new carburetor, get a gasket as well...

If that guy on ebay has more than one and you're not leery of sharing, I'd like to see this $20 carb.

Originally Posted by precision8m View Post
60 something for a new genuine Honda carb. Seems easier than fooling with it forever.
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Well, I hate to spend it too but believe me I have been there and cussed and fussed until...
Only experience tells me, sometimes it's best to just order up new.

And with carburetors AND coils, even if you order it and then it turns out the old one's still good...
It never hurts to have a spare.
I always wrap them in a ziploc baggie for storage.

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