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Check out some of the major printing companies that do this work. I thought one was a sponsor, but I cannot find it at the moment.
They have several stock flyers ready. They will print your company name and info on it. Or you can change the wording. Change the photos. Add a special paragraph. Hurry...they are probably at the peak of their season or nearly at peak.
And this year get some great lawn photographs--to use next year. Its an advantage to have your own truck parked in front of a great looking lawn. Try to sign up a recognizeable local business or landmark--take the photo and its great to use it next year. Can you be in front of the library? City hall? Best hotel? A big corporate office? The Waffle House? Ford Dealer? Your fert dealer?

Read through a few of the ads above to see how Toro, Scag, Wright and other companies make a good impression. Which is best? Which ad caused you to spend a bit more time looking? Did you click? Be critical--which were poor--below average--unimpressive?
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