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I have a z950A (2012) and it has the FX850v which is the one rated at 27 hp under the newer more accurate system, whereas it was rated at 31 hp under the old system until last year. I have alss ran the Z960 which has the FX921V which is now rated at 31 Hp whereas it used to be the 34 HP in the lineup under the old rating. The 27 is more than enough with the 60"deck. I have the MOD and mine will run that deck through any turf grass with ease, even when mulching. If you plan on doing any tall field type grass cutting then more HP may be in order, but even then, I wouldn't feel undergunned with mine.

Until Hustler gets their crap together and figures out how to build a deck that cuts great in all conditions, especially northern turf grasses, I won't be buying one. Who cares what the hydro's are like now? They'll out last the rest of the mower anyway, and be more expensive to repair or replace if needed. In spite of what some claim on here, I still can't see that they are built any better than many other top of the line machines anywhere outside of the hydro's. The deck may have all that extra bracing under it, but if it doesn't cut worth spit while you're trying to make a living, it isn't much good now is it? The 7 Iron and others like it are built more than stout enough for any commercial mowing, and I've yet to see or even read about anyone destroying one because they weren't paying attention and hit something with it.
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I can also tell by looking back to see how they're hanging and often reach back and feel them to see how firm they are.

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