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I base mowing on $85 an acre... And $55 half acre ... That's A+ top quality.... Cheapest is 1/2 acre $40 weedwack the back ever other week. You need $55. An hour for you and your guy at a min. according to the accounting fellow. Charge for tools. Example, I don't do a lot of tree work, so my $350 dollar husqvarna makes $20 an hour, that money goes in the tool fund, ie... The cigar box, it needs $500 (emergency fund) any extra is saved up and reinvested into the business, So I don't buy new tools, the tools buy new tools. Really, the tools like used tools that are like New for half price, as my tools are cheap, like me. Sometimes the tools buy me beer, when I clean and work
on them. Get a compression tester and a leakdown so you know what life is in the tool/engine. I just picked an echo 2100 out of the trash...I took the carb off and shot carb cleaner on the insides of the carb...$3....and used the fuel repair kit from HD ... $12.... And it runs like brand new.... I have $15 bucks in it. It will be the unit I run first... I want my ROI back... My $15 bucks. Then it's free. I will charge the. Business $10. An hour and that goes into the equipment I can buy another 72 inch scag walkbehind that I'll never fix for $500. Cash. LOL. I want / will take a small engine repair course and thats what I'll do When I'm old....
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