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Originally Posted by Valk View Post
What kind of grass do you mow in Belize...isn't this in Central America just south of Mexico? Guessing you mow warm season grasses all year round at shorter heights...please correct me if I'm wrong.

Quality of Cut (QOC) means a LOT to those who cut cool season grasses (BG and fescue)...especially when cutting at 3.5"+.
My company cuts all sorts of grass; bermuda,brazillian bahia, guinee grass,star grass, so many types its crazy. Yes we cut the grass low 1.5 to 2.5 inches otherwise we cant keep up with it. People here cant afford to cut but every two weeks and they complain when I tell them that is the longest I will let the grass go without cutting. Most people can only afford once a month so we dont work with them. Your Geography is very good you got our location down. Unfortunately people here are not into taking pride in how their property looks, and to boot throw everything in there yards and parks as if it were a junk yard. We hit alot of rocks, rebar, blocks cables,bottles, etc. The Hustler which is much older than the ferris has held up to the abuse while the ferris is falling apart. I am going to copy the ferris deck with heavier guage steel this month, as the original deck has had it. We use the ferris after the hustler has gone through new properties first, but still doesnt help that much. Q.o.c on a grass airstrip we cut is better with the hustler also, maybe the height and type of grass dunoh. Just saying tuffer machine is hustler I.m.o.
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