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It's easy to do when you don't pay insurance, or taxes, or have commercial equipment, or a new truck, or any idea of what you are doing. A guy can make some money with an old push mower, an old homeowner trimmer and a cheap blower operating out of the back of his truck with no regard for insurance or taxes. I honestly don't care what these types of guys do and I don't care if there are people out there who will hire them. It's just one certain section of the marketplace that I don't really bother with. By and large, these guys aren't taking money out of my pocket because the types of lawns these guys attract aren't what I want to deal with. And if they do get a lawn or two of the caliber I like, the property owner will get fed up soon enough and call someone who knows what they are doing. More power to them if these guys are just trying to put some food on the table or some extra money in the bank for a rainy day for their family. The guys who think they are running a business and looking to earn a long term living that way won't last long so I dont worry about them.
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