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Request for Quotation.


I hope it's appropriate to post this here. I am a homeowner who has been looking for a pro for lawnmowing and edging services. It's been surprisingly hard to find someone who is available to take on another customer.

My property is in the southeast corner of Rochester, NY. The lawn is approximately 5000 square feet, with several trees and gardens. We would like the gardens blade-edged at least a couple of times during the mowing season with line-trimmer touch ups as needed. In one area, we have thin grass under a maple tree in an area that is too narrow for a ZTR, so we'd need someone to also have a narrow mower for this area. (In my experience, cutting this spot with a trimmer doesn't produce good results.)

If anyone is interested, please respond here or, if the system allows it, PM with contact information and I'll provide my address.

Thanks in advance,

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