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Indeed —*most companies find that the full-bore accounting functionality of QuickBooks is way more than is actually required, and just needlessly complicates day-to-day operations.

We actually just released our Expense Tracking functionality in Jobber a few weeks ago ( and our customers are loving it so far. We also have a full suite of reporting functionality that provides more than what most small/medium businesses need. We're also constantly improving and adding to Jobber, so we'll be adding to all of this functionality going forward.

That being said, we're not competing with pure accounting software such as QuickBooks. Jobber is first and foremost easy to use and effective business management software, and we aim to provide all of the most important fundamental accounting functionality as well, but not everything that you would find in QB, because that would make it impossible to be any good at the other stuff. Accounting software is by it's nature big and complicated, and that's territory that we put an enormous amount of engineering effort into staying away from, so that we can focus on the things that actually matter on a day-to-day basis for field service businesses, like client management, scheduling and invoice management.

Hopefully that helps!

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