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i get paid at the time i cut the yard by check or cash. alot of them are at home and pay me when i'm done. others work and leave a check for me. sure they sometimes forget but they just pay me double the next cut which is fine by me. i have some that send me a check in the mail without me even sending a bill. they just pay me in advance for the month's cuts. i wait until i receive the check before i go cut their yard.

i only have a 2 that get billed monthly. one is a buisness and i don't even mail them a bill. i just walk in the front door and hand the bill directly to the secretary. it's a small place and takes a min to walk in there and do that. the other one is a trailer park of 7 trailers and the owner doesn't live there so i mail him a bill each month halfway through the month and i get a check from him after the 1st of the next month.

i go to the bank once a week at the end of the week and deposit the checks as well as i keep some of the cash payments as spending money so i don't ever have to go to the atm or bank or whatever to get cash. i always have a steady supply coming in every week.

either way it's the same amount of money. billing monthly you just get paid once a month. getting paid each day you get paid daily or weekly.

i like getting cash because when i go out to eat i always pay in cash. i don't use debit/credit cards for things like that.

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