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Originally Posted by DLONGLANDSCAPING View Post
That is the worst percentage i have ever seen, and is almost embarrassing. If you sent 100,000 EDDM post cards out, you only got 150 calls? Come on!!!!

I sent out 20k last year and got a 1% return and landed most of those(85%)

100-130 new jobs last year from mailers in spring and fall.
150 calls from 100,000 postcards would be 1.5%. He said .0015%.... that would be 1.5 calls for every 100,000 fliers. I am doing a small EDDM mailing of 2500 in the next week. I am hoping for 1.5% return. 1% would would get me 25 accounts for my first year, I would easily get my money back on that and be sitting pretty for a solo part time outfit.
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