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FINN Launches New Bark & Mulch Blower

FINN Launches New Bark & Mulch Blower
BB 5-Series is an entirely new FINN model developed for simplicity and reliability. It comes off the production line March 1st for immediate delivery to the FINN distribution network.

FINN Corporation, a world leader in the manufacture of landscape and erosion control equipment, is proud to introduce of the BB 5-Series Bark & Mulch Blower, a new model designed for ease of use and dependable performance for the landscape and erosion control contractor. The first unit leaves the factory March 1st with others scheduled immediately thereafter, filling orders placed by FINN equipment dealers.

The new lightweight design and full five cubic yard material hopper increases payload capacity and leaves available more towing options. Due to its simplified control package and streamlined engineering design, the BB 5-Series will be a dependable workhorse for bark, mulch, compost and soil blend applications and is straightforward to maintain and troubleshoot, leading to vital uptime and optimal productivity. Operators are also easier to train in its proper use, helping to maximize revenues and giving the end user greater flexibility with their workforce.

“Our engineering group did a fantastic job in designing this new Bark & Mulch Blower,” said James Higgins, President FINN Corporation. “We saw a niche for a simpler, less expensive option in the small size bark blower market, and our team took that vision and engineered a product that we know is going to be extremely popular. Unfortunately, we had to discontinue the BB-705 Bark Blower to make room in our product lineup, but we expect the 5-Series to slide right in and fill that void in the best way possible.”

The FINN BB302 and now the BB 5-Series are considered small size Bark & Mulch Blowers and are traditionally used for residential landscape mulch installation, soil and compost blends for garden beds, and for filling filter sock as an erosion control measure to replace silt fence.

FINN Corporation is a Cincinnati-area based company that was started in 1935 by Charles Finn. When he invented the first HydroSeeder® in 1953, Finn set the company on a course of innovation that continues to help landscapers and contractors get more productivity while cutting labor and material costs. Today, Finn continues building on this foundation and strives to make every Finn machine a smarter way to work.
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