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The site looks great, Kyle. Clean, great visual pop, especially with your logo on the white background. A few recommendations and observations:

- The Contact and Testimonial pages are a departure from the visual lead and consitency established by the preceding pages. The footer gray area and white scallops are used above the content, instead of below, crowding the logo tagline.

- Check your footer text in Chrome and Firefox. The text shadow style used makes it look like a blurred, double-strike and not an offset enhancement like you're probably seeing in IE.

- Add tagging to your address.

- Putting straight lists of city names in a footer is something that might catch the attention of Google, albeit for the wrong reasons. That's just as easily viewed as keyword stuffing, and the footer comes under extra scrutiny due to the widespread, past abuse.

- For your page TITLE tags, I wouldn't waste valuable space by including the year and the copyright symbol, especially at the beginning of the tag. As it is, your tags are too long, and this just exacerbates the issue of how search processes and handles the tag. One thing I do see is that the date/copyright is not showing in the search results. Is this a new addition that may not be indexed yet, or is Google stripping them out?

- You might want to add Meta Descriptions to your pages. If you don't have them, Google pulls text from your page, often with less than engaging results. In your case, this is what Google is displaying in the results:

"Lawn Care / Maintenance. feature image. A perfect lawn doesn't happen by itself. It requires proper maintenance and nutrients to keep a lawn healthy and thick."
- Your image alt tags could use some relevant/contextual keywording. Most are what I assume to be your template's default handling of them.

- Work in some location-based keywords to your content. Your About page is an example where it's lacking, but easily added. On that page, the only reference to where you are is in the footer. You want to show Search that your content is applicable to your target market.

- Services page: your menu indicates the 3 subpage options, but the Service page itself is not leading me to the other pages. There are no interactions or indicators that those are links to follow, and not just pictures with the service names under them.

- As you have time, you should add deeper, content-linked pages for things like Aeration, Dethatching, etc. Educate and sell your visitors. If they don't know what something is...

- Claim whatever local pages you can (Bing/Google/Yahoo, etc).

- Create a favicon icon and replace whatever is currently showing (I assume the current one is legacy branding?). The tree from your logo would look great as a favicon.
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