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Thanks for that detailed response! It definitely helps. Most of those things I have thought about actually. Been doing a little bit at a time. The facivon is next and was planning on doing what you said with that. And yes the copyright 2013 was a recent addition. I took your advice and went back to what i originally had. Also i dont know much about using meta descriptions and tagging. Still have a bit to learn.

- The Contact and Testimonial pages are a departure from the visual lead and consitency established by the preceding pages. The footer gray area and white scallops are used above the content, instead of below, crowding the logo tagline.

I notice that too. I don't know if this is something with the theme i am using? It only does it when I don't have the page setup as 'full width page' ....when i have it on default with the widgets on the side it happens to do this. Im not skilled enough to figure out a fix.
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