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i ask everyone what they wanna do when they hire me. i say do you wanna pay each time i cut or pay monthly or whatever. some out of town people send me a check in the mail for each month before i even cut their yards. i don't really care as long as i get paid. most people always want to pay each cut. that's what they want to do where i live. i've always got my money for every job i've done. i've never gone without getting paid for any work and i don't ever plan on doing that.

this is one advantage of getting paid weekly. if they stiff you then you are only out one cut's worth of money. if they stiff you for a month you are out 4 cut's worth.

i've only had one incident where they kept forgetting to leave a check. it had happend before but they would leave me a check for double the next time. this time however they didn't leave a check again. so after cutting it 2 times without pay i went back the following week and a check still was not there so i skipped the yard and didn't cut it. so at that point i was only behind 2 cuts. i went back the next week and the normal payment for 1 cut was there so i cut it then. they sent me an email saying they knew they were behind paying me and asked how much they owed. i told them and then i received a check in the mail for that amount. i kept on servicing the lawn the rest of the year and the checks were always there so i didn't have any more problems. everything is paid up in full so no issues.
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