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Originally Posted by JohnnyRocker View Post
3 percent...never. you clearly work for them on a commission. You just joined and most of your posts are regarding EDDM. lol. obvious.
Before you go on attacking someone, get your facts straight. For whom do I work? Its obvious? really? Wow, I didn't think you could tell from my posts that I am a heavy truck mechanic from 6a-2:30p then drive a truck for another company from 3p-8p.

I get nothing from anyone, and certainly no commission. Your a damn fool. Re-read what I wrote. I didn't say you would get 3%. I didn't advertise 3%. I stated that I was referencing other posts (by other members here) who have had experience with direct mail, have seen .5% to 3%. I never said thats what you will get, I implied that others have seen such results. If you are that bent out of shape over that number, then go to the people who said it, not me.

The reason my recent posts are about EDDM, is because thats what I am in the middle of doing right now. I only speak to things I know from experience. Since I am doing what others are trying to do, or thinking about doing I will offer my input. I never said what you should expect for an ROI, I even stated that I could see no ROI, or at most 3% as this is what OTHERS have said.

The reason I didn't say what my experience was, was because I have no experience. I don't post about equipment, because my experience is little. I don't post about running a business because my experience is little. I don't post about a lot of things relate to this industry because I don't have the experience. The only thing I have experience in right now is EDDM and making my own postcards, so thats what I posted about recently.

Why didn't you mention my post about strapping down equipment? I have PLENTY of experience about that and even shared one with the forum that was relevant. Hopefully it convince someone to strap their equipment down. Or my LENGTHY post on credit reporting, scoring, and repair? Again I shared my experience with that as I have been through it. Hopefully someone here will benefit from it.

As many others here are starting new, and on a budget, EDDM is a great way to get their name out for cheap. The thought of bulk mailing is daunting for a new guy because most of us don't know about EDDM. I stumbled upon it, and will try to help some others who may not know about it. I provided a link in another thread discussing this topic. The next post was from a member with 1300 posts who thanked me for the link as it apparently helped him in some way. Was this wrong? I thought we were to help each know, kinda like a community but on the internet....

Finally, every market is different. I know guys that do this full time and don't advertise at all. NONE. These guys are legit, have multiple crews, and still turn down work. Your market may be over saturated. But things are different outside of your bubble that you live in.

I may not have a high post count. I dont have much to add that you guys don't already know. But if I have something that I think may be useful to the community I will share it. I can't be all knowing as you seem to be, nor as pompus as you. But maybe, just maybe, I can help other new guys here with what little info I have.
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