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Originally Posted by JohnnyRocker View Post
TuffTurf, its almost as if you work for the USPS, being as this was your 13th post, and you joined last month. Anyways....can you select Single family homes only?
Even though you tried to attack me in another thread, I will answer this in the hopes that someone else may see it and find it useful.

You can't select demographics. Hence the name. Every Door Direct Mail. It is direct mailed to every door on the route that select. Lucky for me, the areas that I choose do not have ANY multip-famiily housing and in a very affluent area. Plus its in an area that is not overly saturated with LCO's.

For certain people this could be a VERY effective tool. For me, right now, it seems like the perfect fit. For others it could be huge waste of money. Thats how different areas are.
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