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Originally Posted by woodlawnservice View Post
And I can always upsize that to a 1.5 in. If needed be. I would think right out of my backflow is when id upsize my mainline anyways so my master valve would be bigger as well... if I ran a 2" mainline to be safe, any possible way I could get away with 1" laterals if I ran my mainline up the middle so my lateral length isn't as long... just tee my laterals right of the mainland go both ways with em. 1" should push 3 pgp's fine...
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I forgot to mention this before - by upsizing all the mainline components, you can conserve enough pressure to 'get away' with smaller pipe in the zones themselves. (if you did have a 35 gpm flow, better to use at least 1-1/4 inch in the 'split' zone piping)
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