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I would work on ways to make the lighting system easier and quicker to install. I heard of a system being developed that wouldn't need connectors. You would just run 1 single wire through the landscape (sort of like those invisible fence wires that people install for their dogs) and then at any point you could just install a clip that clips over this wire. No connections are made. No wire stripping needed. The clip somehow transfers energy from the wire it's over to the wire it's connected to, which leads to the fixture. If that technology was perfected and released, that could mean a lot quicker installs.

Then again, if I had unlimited resources, I'd just take that a step further. I'd try to figure out a way to get energy to each of the fixtures without the use of wires. No digging would be amazing. Not sure how you could do that. Solar is a long ways off, as we've all seen. Especially in shady, rainy states like Oregon. But I'd try to think of some way to make that happen. I'd start with the assumption that I heard that my top competitor had already figured out how to do this and was working on a way to bring it to market. Then assuming they've already figured it out, it all of a sudden seems possible. Now you're just trying to figure out how the heck they were able to figure that out! So I'd start there - by just assuming it's possible and is already being done - and then just figuring out how the heck they might have done it. I believe that's how big leaps are made. Someone once said true leaps in technology come when you think to yourself, "Assuming there were no limitations, what could we do?" And then you figure out how to get rid of those limitations.

I don't know..... these are just thoughts off the top of my head. Back to reality now.....
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