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Tricks of The Trade

Walker wheel tool

Something to make Walker mower owners happy.
Walker mower wheels are a pain to replace on the wheel hub. There is a wheel spacer and the rim itself that all have to line up with the hole in the hub prior to installing the wheel retaining bolt. Here is a tool that Fixer67 told me about to overcome the frustration of having to hold the wheel spacer and rim and attempt to line up the hole in the hub when replacing a drive wheel. Take a 1/2-20 bolt about three inches long and cut the head off of it. After cutting off the head of the bolt, grind a slot in the end. Now when you have to replace the drive wheels on any Walker mower, you thread this bolt into the hub. Hang the wheel spacer and wheel from the bolt. This will take the weight off of the wheel and make it easy to install the remaining wheel retaining bolts. You can then unthread the slotted bolt and replace the remaining wheel retaining bolt.
Note: rotate the hub and install this bolt at the 12 oclock position to make hanging the wheel easier.
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