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Originally Posted by rcreech View Post
I have customers that have been getting 6apps and their lawn looked pathetic.
That's just nailed it. It's not how many apps u get it's the quality of the apps.

As far as your Scotts comment thatd Not even a comparison

#1-Professional product are far superior to Scott's as far as quality and performance. Especially weed control.
#2 -Timing is huge- Have you ever known a home owner to apply at the right time let alone the right rate?
#3 - Just said it....rate!!!! Most homeowners apply either a 2x rate or half as much as they should. Rarely are they on the money.

Your telling me that if a lawn truly needed 6 apps that Scotts wouldn't capitalize on it?

Our lawns look awesome with 4 apps
Yes as you go South I am sure you can sneak a few more apps in
Ohio and Indiana 6-7 apps is just way to many

To each his own and I will steal 6-7 apps customers all day!
I don't want to get in the middle of an argument but Scotts fertilizer is not junk, and I don't know about other areas but around here they will sell you as many apps as you want up to a 10 visit program I believe and I am sure there are more than 4 fert apps within that.

Their plus program has eight visits that include fert and grub control. Theres more than four fert apps in there.

I have never seen a university say how many applications a lawn needs per year. I see lbs per thousand/acre per year recommendations but thats all they are is a recommendation.

Each lawn is different.
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