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LOL Dan thanks.............You snapped me out of that trance......

You have to admit that was one of the best explanations of organics. Now do I buy into it?

OK allow me to express my opnion and what I know.

"Organics" is exempt from the EPA laws and regulations. Because it is considered "Organic" Where I am being a pesticide applicator I can apply "organics" without the proper notification. The county east of me, they require that a pesticide applicator applying organics have certification in organics, a one day seminar.

Now being a licensed pesticide applicator, by law I have to apply by the label and use the proper precautions with handling and applying the product. We must do this to apply legaly. We also do this for the FACT that all the chemicals registered with the EPA have gone through extensive testing. We know what the risks and reactions are.

Through the EPA registration process the chemicals is tested for it's affect environmentaly. We know for FACT what these chemicals do and how they do it. We know a chemical as Dursban does not move verticaly in the soil. We know it moves horizontaly. We know that Dylox moves Verticaly down a couple inches to where the target pest is located. We know what contact fungicides do and how they react, as well as weed killers and so on. We also know for a FACT how the chemical breaks down and what it's after life is once the application has been performed.

We know all this because of the FACT that provided the product has an EPA registration number we know that some $2 million dollars has been spent in research of the product.

We also know that a vigorous healthy turf aids in the utilization of the products and the filtration process.


What we don't know is the affects of prolonged exposure to organics is. We do not know how they move through the soil. We do not know how they break down in the environment or if there is a prolonged residue. OK, I know that this part of my explanation is short. That is because WE DON'T KNOW ANYTHING. Science has not told us these things. Because they are Organic and to be presumed safe?

There are products under my kitchen sink that have a label of WARNING, where as lawn chemicals I use only have CAUTION. And I am supposed to be believe that organics or home remedies are safer and more environmentaly friendly because they are called "Organic Products"

I'll stick with the stuff that WE KNOW about. Because they have been tested. Not by folklore or myth.
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