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Hey BLC1,

Well, we can't offer a product at the price SAP seems to think is fair.

ZING! Just kidding! — I don't mind a question like that, and to SAP's credit, pricing is a really difficult thing to do. They very well may have discovered through their experience that the price point they offer their software at is the right intersection of customer uptake and revenue required to continue operations for them.

As far as features go, I really can't comment much on SAP vs. Jobber, as we're primarily focused on our own roadmap, and prioritizing development based on the thousands of conversations we have with our customers and customers-to-be, rather than keeping an eye on what their software can and can't do.

What I can say is that we're focused laser-like on building extremely high quality software that's easy to learn and pleasant to use. While we're constantly developing new functionality and improving existing features, we are decidedly *not* interested in offering every feature including the kitchen sink, because that's what causes buggy, bloated software that's hard to use, and consequently isn't used. In many cases all that extra "stuff" isn't actually necessary, and just gets in the way of the core, most important day-to-day functions.

It's those core day-to-day functions that we want to make sure we're the absolute best at.

Hope that helps!

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