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Originally Posted by adam.neusbaum View Post
After receiving all this great info I've spent most of the morning researching commercial reel mowers. My area is a golf Mecca & all residents would prefer a course looking finished cut. This would definitely be an exclusive service since I've never seen anyone using one or advertising it. I could probably have quite a strong following rather quickly. Just picture the conversation at the tee between friends: My new mow guy uses the same mower as they use here on the greens. Oh really, what's the difference?
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In all seriousness, having the correct equipment rather than what is most popular among the 20 yard per day lawn boys will set you apart. There is a reason why a lawn person can get $50 or more per cut in Honolulu on a 5000 sq ft lot. That lawn person is running either a McLane, Tru Cut, or Cal Trimmer front throw reel not a z, Dixie Chopper, or 36" walk behind. Those mowers are for cutting weeds in a zoysia or bermuda area.
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