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Originally Posted by Dirtwerks View Post
I'm in the same boat with my TL130 I"m still on the orginal OEM Bridgestones and hoping to make another 200-300hrs. I'd like to stay with the original OEM which I haven't priced yet just have heard the sticker shock, but I've seen several machines with the Solideal/Camoplast tracks that excav8ter is talking about. I don't put a ton of hours on my machine but still want a quality track, and I also go by the saying "Get what you pay for". How turf friendly are the Solideals, I want something that will get good traction for pushing and wet material.
I run on lawns with mine very frequently....i generally stagger my tracks, when i go back and forth on turf.
I priced out OEM tracks, and they were double what the Solideal tracks were. I am not abusive to my tracks, because i want to get every dollars worth of value out of them, however...between back filling basements, removing concrete and asphalt and clearing brush and small stumps, i do put them through a lot.
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