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Which 900 series Deere to get?

I posted here about my distain for the new Deere B, M, and R classes and how it made it so I cant get what I want:

Got financing approval for a 661R stander and a 900 series and just have to deside which I want. My options are

1. 2012 930A demo with 250 hrs for $8000, but I would have to add on a stripper, suspension kit and the 950A carb to get the hp from 29 to 31 (old rating) as the 950A only had the comfort and convience package the I hate bringing the total to around $9250

2. a NEW 2012 the is still in crate and arrived in Dec. 930A with the stripping kit and full suspension seat for $10,800. All I would have to add is the 950A carb for about $400

3. or a 2013 930M and I would have to add the rubber flap stripper (roller no longer avaliable and I desperately want for a 72" as it acts a as huge anti scalp wheel) add and suspension seat or kit, add a foot brake, add the 950A carb, and I would not get the cross porting hyrdo system that comes on the 2012 A or 2013 R series. Bring the total to about $11,750

Im leaning towards the new 2012 930A

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