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it's VERY difficult to do this.

mainly i'ts the all mighty dollar.
Most of the larger contracts, you will have to PROVE you have had contracts this size or larger.
We picked up some of the metro's this year. it was a PITA. we got 13 of them at 337,000.00 for 3 years.
yes that's 1 mil for the next 3 years.

Ok unless you have dont some of these and are operating a million dollar company. FORGET IT.
a sales rep. " one who knows the business and what he's doing " WILL NOT TOUCH YOU.
at best this guy can make is 5 to 7 thousand per year.
if he has NO leads. he will be what's called cold calling. you can do this, with the same results.
I would be interested in seeing your company profile.
YOu do have one right ?
most of the time you will need to provide a balance sheet. sometimes you need it to be 5 years. in the past.

I dont belive I have ever had a commericial contract that didn't require at least 500,000.00 in WC.
with this. you will need to PROVE you have 5 million in insurance. and have held it for 5 years. and most of the time. NO MAJOR CLAIMS......

a company that is part time. and is only new worth around 300,000.00 cant do these types of jobs.
they simply dont have the resorces.
I also would be interested in seeing you vendor list. and the turnaround time on damaged plants.
if it's NOT 24 hours. throw it in the trash.
you will need an irrigation specialest on duty at all times.
Dont even talk to people who cant purchase your product or service.........Dave Thomas.
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