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Originally Posted by JasonsLawnCare1 View Post
i haven't started yet. i've done 1 estimate and i thought it was too early to be doing estimates. i'm not sure if i got it or not yet. you know how people shop around just to save 5 bucks.

last year in feb i only mowed maybe 2 yards. one mid feb and the other at the end of feb and most started mid march which is when i'm hoping to start this year.

it's not quite time yet but i figure in a few weeks it'll be time to start.

to me starting is the hardest part of the season. once everything gets going it's simple and like clockwork. it seems most customers have their own idea of when the best time to start is. some are ready to start in a few weeks and others will try to hold out til april just so they can save a few bucks. i don't really care to be honest. 2 weeks later i'll only miss out on 1 cut since most all of them are bi weekly.
I got ya. Ive been doing pinestraw and bark mostly. Fortuniately Im pretty much full once the season start, it took alot of years to get there.

Once it warms up I get several calls per day for a couple of weeks, I dont know why people wont call in the off season to get their trimming and cleanups done.
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