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thanks guys I appreciate the input.

I am by trade in landscape construction. I moved to a new area and decided to start my own business, devoting a couple of days per week to lawn maintenance, to hopefully provide a study income, as I do not really know what to expect as far as getting business.

RigglePLC, you mention irrigation. Would it be suggested that lawns laid on sand should receive more than the recommended 1" of watering per week as compensation for rapid drainage?

Also, I am set on being 100% organic. Is there a big potential for Phosphorous to leech? I was under the assumption that N was the one to worry about? The organic fertilizers I was considering using were: corn gluten meal, soybean meal, alfalfa meal, greensand and kelp meal.

Which brings me to another question... I get that soil tests are important. In all the research I have done there a some basics that are constantly mentioned.... soil testing is one of them...BUT... in the absense of soil sampling, can you just do some basic fertilizing and still have good results?

EG: CGM & SBM mix in the spring time, and in the fall a greensand and alfalfa mix?
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