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Originally Posted by greendoctor View Post
In all seriousness, having the correct equipment rather than what is most popular among the 20 yard per day lawn boys will set you apart. There is a reason why a lawn person can get $50 or more per cut in Honolulu on a 5000 sq ft lot. That lawn person is running either a McLane, Tru Cut, or Cal Trimmer front throw reel not a z, Dixie Chopper, or 36" walk behind. Those mowers are for cutting weeds in a zoysia or bermuda area.
Yup. I still believe it is our job to educate the customer. When people install sports turf, it's bc they want the low cut carpet look. You don't get that cutting at 3.5" with a big zero turn. All you get is a spongy mess of thatch buildup that looks like crap. The customer usually doesn't know any better and it's our job to teach them.
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