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Originally Posted by MooseMan89 View Post
AGhahahaha! Lmao!! Are you serious? "people that steal do it when you aren't around for the most part. they don't go looking for a confrontation"?? I cannot believe you just said that! Well, maybe if you would have said it a few years ago I would have believed it..
Last year I was at a busy intersection in Decatur GA (I had stopped for a red light) when I witnessed a pedestrian pull out a gun and point it at the Isuzu NPR across the busy intersection and made the Hispanic grew get out of the truck so that he could jack it.. And he did!! He took off with that landscape truck like it was his!! Right in the middle of a very busy intersection with sh*t loads of people watching!!! I was flabbergasted!! The light had turned green and I still couldn't drive off because I was in shock that someone was bold enough to do something like that!!
If that was me I would have gotten off the truck and turned around and had my Glock in the back of his head!
all you had to do was call the cops on your cell phone and he would've been stopped before he got to where he was going. you are dumb for not taking action.

let's say you had a gun. as soon as you jumped out of the truck he would see you had a gun and fire on you before you could fire at him. he has the advantage since his gun is already pulled first.
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