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Originally Posted by grassmasterswilson View Post
I'm not a plant guy but when to a pesticide class where the guy talked about scales.

If its soft scale he suggested acephate or seven
If its armor scale he recommended safari, oil, distance, kontos, talus, or a few others

He also said that merit would have no impact. On armor scale because of the tough shell.

After going I have figured that pest ID is way over my head and there are too many pest!! I'm years away from being comfortable enough to offer tree and shrub.
We use acephate in our rotation of insecticides. It's cheap and effectictive. I try not to use Sevin. Merit is known for its systemic effectiveness, not quick knockdown. Scales are sucking insects that will ingest the systemic insecticide once it is in the plant. No armor to get through.

The fact remains that you have to use what works. Going cheap because its affordable is not doing anybody any favors if it isn't effective.
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