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That particular person had an issue on lush grass being a larger individual when hitting bumps in the yard due to the platform you stand on in the back going out past the rear wheels would cause the deck to actually lift up and loose suction on the cut. He didnt have that issue when cutting slower speeds. It was actually lifting the front slightly off the ground (not really but creating enough bounce to actually loose suction. The stander was very fast when first released i noticed they slowed them way down now. I was suggesting maybe a different tire setup or weight kit would fix the issue or maybe just offering up a descent trade in to the same mower in sit down version to create a happy customer. We put some larger framed guys on ours here and you really dont see a change in cut due to our turf types here. I suggest for the moment if you have larger guys planning on running the stander and have high end turf to mow to have your dealer talk to tech support to make sure issue is fixed, or just demo machine first. I dislike our great dane stander, but one thing i see is the user stands between the tires directly looks like you avoid issues like that this way. Or just slow it down when in those types of situations. I mowed on a wright zk stander that goes 15mph on a demo and when cutting that fast was a blast, to get desired cut i kept the speed around the 5-6mph. The bb was at 10the or better, my only complaint was it was funner to operate until the slowed it down...
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