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Originally Posted by MooseMan89 View Post
I saw two guys get out of their cars and got on their phones.. Obviously calling the police. And they were talking to the workers who got jacked and I could tell they were all in shock as well.. So the situation was being handled..

And if I was in that situation, I wouldn't have had my gun out as I got out of the truck so he could see it... I would have gotten out with my gun concealed, and as soon as he gave me his back and attempted to get into the truck, I would have pulled mine out..
Please don't call names.. If anything, you're dumb.. You're dumb for saying that a thief/robber wouldn't steal in front of you and that he would avoid confrontation (WRONG)! And you're also dumb for thinking that someone would attempt to pull their gun out in front of the robber who already has theirs drawn.. Wrong again, dummy.
I'm with MooseMan on this one. Thats the whole point of concealed weapons, so the potentially bad people don't see them if a situation were to arise. Which it did.

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