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Yup, its also not good for your clutch/pto belt. If you look in your owners manual it should say not to engage blades at full throttle.

Think of it like dumping the clutch in your car.
The 2013 Kohler EFI eXmarks have a 3 position switch (RED TECHNOLOGY) instead of a throttle. The three positions control the engine speed & blade engagement speed. The blades engage @ 2700 rpms & disengage @ 2500 rpms. These engagement and disengagement speeds will extend the clutch life. It's actually harder on the clutch when it is disengaged at full throttle vs being engaged @ full throttle.

It's different to operate an engine without a throttle lever but after a couple of minutes you won't even think about it. Just push the rocker switch to the engine performance mode you want, engage the blades, the rpms go to 2700, the blades engage, the engine revs to the selected operating speed. The lowest performance level is 1500 rpms, but engage the blades and the engine revs up to 2700, the blades engage and the rpms increase to 3250. disengage the blades and the engine slows to 2500, the blades disengage and then the engine slows down to 1500 rpms. The other 2 positions run @ 3250 & 3600 with an available over ride module to lock out the 3600 rpm speed.

The RED TECHNOLOGY also includes an electronic governor so there is no rpm droop when a heavy load is encountered. The e-governor will soon be available on carbureted Kohler engines.

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