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Originally Posted by DCMmmkay View Post
These are small residential yards. I have accounts that exceed $8000 a season, but I'll take these small accounts all day long.
I don't understand, if you're such a big shot, why you're in here asking us this first week on the job question.

Something I learned in later years, something that took me years to get, how we come across...
The questions we ask, the things we say, how we carry ourselves, all of that and more...
We inadvertently tell each other and the customer, how long we have been in business.
Straight up, there's nothing doing, just have to put in the time.

So if the man asked you a question, give the man an answer.
Discount or not, yes or no.

Honestly I would give the man his discount but play it safe, stick to small percentages.

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