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Originally Posted by JasonsLawnCare1 View Post
yeah i just don't see the point of someone holding me at gunpoint to steal a trimmer or a blower or something? is that really worth going to prison for?

i'd let them take whatever they wanted but i would track them down. if i had to i'd run over them with my truck while they were riding away on my mower.

if they are gonna shoot me over a lawnmower then i think i'd be better off dead than living with people like that around.

what's next? they gonna shoot you for a $1 bill? i mean come on man. get a life.

people that steal do it when you aren't around for the most part. they don't go looking for a confrontation.
Last month, near me, a young boy was shot and killed because the shooter wanted his new boots he just bought. This wasn't the first time either.
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