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Originally Posted by irrig8r View Post
Looking online but trying to find a local seller of disposable nitrile gloves, at least 5 mil thick I think.

Harbor Freight has 5 mil, 7 mil and 9 mil. Doesn't look like I can search for in store availability though.

Looked at various Amazon sellers, Lowe's, Home Depot, AutoZone, even Staples and Office Depot.

So many different brands and so few reviews. Hard to judge quailty.

Any suggestions?
If you wear them for any amount of time, Microflex dfk is the only way to go, and they are surprisingly durable for 8 mil. You also can remove and reuse them if you are careful taking them off, while keeping in mind they are supposed to be one use disposable gloves.

I also use the Microflex SU690 for light duty work.
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