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oh I have more than 125 clients. Note I said I would rotate them around 10-15 days

Fliers are hit and miss and so many many factors come into play with them, which is why I get about 35k a year out.
My best point would be a neighborhood of about 1200 homes, one year I got 23 new clients out of it, in recent years Im lucky to get 2 or 3. Most of the old clients have moved or been foreclosed on. Sometime its gold, sometimes nothing.
This is why Im asking about this. I prefected my current advertising to work very well, but I know its a crap shoot to get the growth I want in new and existing areas to rely on alone.
Im branching out in any way I can to get the growth I want quickly rather than building it up slowly as I have in the past, Im finally for the first time going to advertise on my trucks!! Everything in the past was very selective and pointed for the clients I wanted. Now Im opening up for all to see. In the past if I didnt specificly advertise to you, I didnt want your business, now Im being more broad.
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