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I am just starting out so I see yard signs as a good way to get my name out, as I dont currently want to get to big as I am a full time college student and will be only doing this on the weekends, for now. I bought 5 for my first season and paid $15 each from Vistaprint. The quality is good, and they dont look to bad. I will also be hanging 1000 doorhangers and hopefully that will get me the 10-20 clients that I would like for this year, and then next year I will go from there.

I do feel though that rotating them after a week wont really help you, and putting out 125 of the signs isnt the best. I would get 20-30 high quality signs and put them at the customers who have the highest volume of traffic going by the property. It showcases the work that your company does to a higher volume of potential clients. I wouldnt waste my time putting them on corners at intersections.
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