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It is pretty decent for what it is. I might remove the statement about Fly By Night companies. Everyone knows there are many. With the proper look and way of conducting yourself it should be obvious whether you are or are not one yourself. Also I know it's standard to say licensed and insured, but everyone says that even the guys that are not. If you are legit it is understood that you are and you do not need to point it out. What I would do it post at the bottom or somewhere out of the way your certifications and license numbers along with any organizations you belong to.

I like that the pictures are not over the top. I mean having such is great, but it usually becomes pretty obvious that they are stock photos when you have a scraggly kid on a 10 year old 48" walkbehind in one and next to it there is a picture of a 500K landscape with the title "We do pavers too". It takes time to build a good portfolio and your site will improve over time.

I like that it is complete and simple. Having a bad site does more harm to you than having none at all. I see all the time specials from 4 years ago, incomplete text areas, spelling mistakes, etc. Make sure your pages are ready before you publish them. This is so simple. Your page is a reflection of you and your work. If the pages are sloppy and incomplete I would assume the work is as well.

The main thing I would look into is colors and the logo. The logo comes across as pixellated to me. Perhaps a different format will protect the quality better. I would also play with different background colors to make it pop more.
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