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hey more power to you guys. i hope you shoot all the bad guys. i don't like them either. i don't live in a high crime area though like some of you. a smart cirminal is never gonna turn his back on you. he's gonna hold you at gunpoint the whole time while facing you. he would get into the truck facing out towards you still pointing the gun at you. really he wouldn't allow you to be anywhere near the front door of the truck as he was getting in. he would make you get on the ground behind the truck or something. if you didn't he would shoot you for not doing what he said. he doesn't care. he's already out of his mind. he has nothing to lose.

then again some would act like a potential customer acting all nice and say hey can you roll down the window i need to talk to you about my yard. soon as you did he would shoot you and everyone in the truck and then pull you all out and take off. what would you do then?

as for them stealing stuff from me? they can have it. it's not worth getting shot over. that's why i have insurance. i don't pay for it for nothing. it would be kind of nice to actually use it for something for once and get brand new equipment or a brand new truck. i've never made a claim in my whole life on anything. so basically i've been paying for insurance for over 20 years for nothing. alot of wasted money if you ask me.

i'm not ignorant i just live in part of the world where most people are still nice and treat others how they would like to be treated.

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