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Originally Posted by jones68 View Post
this is not a true commercial mower. it is a resi with a commercial sticker on it. even the cub cadet tank model is not to the likes of exmark scag bobcat ferris ect. spend some time reading the forums on this site to make your decision. if your in this business to mow 5 yards and make some candy money it will get you buy but if your getting in the business to make a career then you need to look into a good used walk behind to start out with first cost should be around 2-3k and will give you a good start a good commercial ZTR will run you in the 9-13K range
I hate to disagree but the tank m series is a commercial mower and is comparable to many of the commercial machines out there in the same price range. You get what you pay for you cannot buy a top of the line exmark or ferris at 14,000 and compare to a $8000.00 tank m but I have had 3 tank m's and all had over 1500 hours on them when I traded them , to bad they switched to a lz model now wich in my opinion is not commercial quality and not at the level of the tank m series I would stay away from this model.

as for the question on the mower you are looking at go with one where you can get value and service , set a price you can afford and take a piece of paper and go thru all the different types of mowers and see what you can get for your money and make a decision from there. if mowing small lawns at first I agree a walk behind can be much more flexible , but if you have large lawns I think you will want a rider , depending on your price point do not forget about standers as well. I would check out snapper pro if tight on money and bad boy as well before making your decision.
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